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"If I asked you to list all of the people and things you love in life, how far down the list would you get before you mentioned yourself?"

This was one of the big questions I asked during my workshop at The Artful Business Conference, before we spent some time unpacking some of the barriers we come up against when it comes to self care.

We all experience our own limiting beliefs when it comes to prioritising looking after ourselves, and many of them come back to an underlying belief that we don't deserve to take the time, or that it will cost money which could be better invested elsewhere (on our businesses, or our families).

It's easy to think of self care as frivolous or selfish, when the reality is that if we don't take good care of ourselves, we're at risk of burn out - in which case we're no good to anyone! We're cranky parents or partners, and our efforts within our businesses tend to just suck, we run in circles, and CBF takes over.

There's a super important reason why Self-Care matters!


So what's the answer?

How do we prioritise and fit self care in when we're already over-committed?

The trick is to find practices which truly make us feel good - things we CAN do everyday without feeling guilty about it.

I absolutely ADORED supporting Artful Rad Bitches who joined my workshop, and I would love to hold a space for YOU to do the same!

This workshop was created for those who really struggle to commit to Self Care Practices.

It's for you if:

  • You find the idea of chugging green juices is enough to make you want to hurl.
  • You just can't get the hang of meditation because it just feels like a waste of time which could be better spent.
  • Spending money on a manicure or a treatment at a day spa seems expensive, frivolous or self indulgent.

During the workshop we'll:

  • Get clear on what's holding you back from committing to regular Self-Care.
  • Look at how you commit your time during the day, and how we can create opportunities for you to breathe and chill out.
  • Explore what Self-Care can really look like .*HINT: It's not all day spas and meditation!*
  • Smash through any limiting beliefs, fears, and resistance you're holding on to around worthiness, or deserving to put yourself first.
  • Create Self Care practices and rituals which truly suit you, so you'll actually be able to stick to them.

The Self Care Revolution VIP Workshops are your permission slip to set aside 2 Hours to really dedicate to yourself so that you can meet all of your other responsibilities and achieve amazing things. 

The workshops offer a safe and supportive space for 6 likeminded, creative Rad Bitches to connect and support one another!

Tickets will be $97 each, with food and drinks provided.

What others have said:

"I'm shocking at self-care, and I think everything else in my world has always been more of a priority - always others to care for, or work to be done!
This needs to change and your workshop was a big stepping-stone!
What I loved about your workshop was the brainstorming, and bouncing around of ideas between the group members!
 Hearing from other ladies experiencing the same things makes you realise that:
a) You are totally normal, and not alone!
b) You’re capable of fixing this!
 I thought the engagement of all the women was fantastic!
 I also loved how relatable you are! You are who you are and you're down to earth, motivated, positive and gorgeously happy!
 But you also stayed honest in saying you have your bad times like we all do!!!
 Thank you for your honesty!"
- Katrina Leigh

I can't wait to hang out with you!!