RB<3HM Printables are a collection of beautiful downloadable stationery products to help you plan out your day, keep track of the everyday stuff you need to remember, and design your life.

Download them, store them on your computer and print them out as you need them.

This planner was created to fill a void Emma had found in the planning of her work day. She was often struggling to keep track of the things she needed to do and prepare before meetings or appointments, and was tired of jotting notes in the middle of a notebook only to never find them again. We wanted to create one place to keep track of everything efficiently before, during, and after the meeting, as well as a document which could be shared with a participants as a summary of the conversation.

This planner also comes with a handy two page How-To Guide which includes some of our Hot Tips for getting the best use out of using this planner.

This planner is great to fill in the evening before bed, or in the morning to plan out the day ahead. Think of this as your nifty running sheet for the day, whether at the office, at home, or to keep with you while you’re out and about.

The Day Planner also comes with a How-To Guide, in which we share some of our favourite features of this design.

The Destination Planner is a holistic way of keeping track of the larger goals you’d like to achieve in life, i.e. WORLD DOMINATION. It’s also a light­hearted and fun way of exploring your goals and the work required to achieve them from a different perspective.

This planner includes a collection of twelve worksheets to help you map out your journey, as well as a visual outline of this work.