A Rad Bitch Jam Session

You're a starry-eyed Rad Bitch with a big-arsed imagination, tons of ideas you'd love to see through, and an absolute sense of self assurance that there's an awesome amount of good you're supposed to be doing in the world.

You're sitting there going about your everyday, dealing with the drudge tasks that just have to get done, lazily scrolling through news feeds when it jumps out and smacks you so hard in the face that you almost can't believe that you hadn't thought of it before!

"HOLY CRAP!" you think, "THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING!! I'd be freaking AWESOME at this!"

Only thing is, you've got no idea how the hell you're going to bring it to life - what between full time work, home life, and everyday responsibilities who even has the time - let alone the energy for extra curricular anything these days?

Besides, you've got a head full of crappy memories of failed past pursuits and fleeting interests. All you've got to show for those is a hall closet full of half-finished projects, that loser ex's voice running through your head taunting you about all the money and effort poured into dreams doomed to gathering dust, and a mum who's still wishing you'd go and do something constructive with your skills.

If only you had someone who's 100% on your side to bounce your ideas back and forth with until you've got a fully fledged action plan down on paper, then hold you accountable to ensure that you actually got shit done!

A Rad Bitch Jam Session is the perfect opportunity do just that!

I can support you to set a realistic goal that's so freaking exciting you wont lose motivation to achieve it over time, no matter what life throws at you. 

Together, we'll take the struggle out of planning, allow for plenty of flexibility so you won't have to stress about bailing on your friends or missing out on the next festival trip away, and still make it happen.

During your 2 Hour Rad Bitch Jam Session, we'll: 

  • Get right into nailing exactly WHY this is so important to you, and how it reflects who YOU are.


  • Identify and unpack any fears or doubts that have held you back in the past, and most importantly, find ways to grow through them and tell those Negative Nancy's in your head to shut they hell up when they butt in to kill the fun.


  • Zero in and get laser focused on which part of this goal REALLY gets you amped up to get shit done, and jam out an achievable plan to make it happen.

What you'll walk away with at the end of our session:

Okay, so the truth is that many of my clients actually BOUNCE out of our Jam Session, full of excitement and practically screaming get to work right away.

  • By the end of our session together, you'll feel so confident in the knowledge that Yes! You CAN totally make this happen! 


  • And most importantly, you'll know HOW to get stuck into doing the work, and where to start.


  • You'll also be well equipped with a new set of Rad Bitch Tools and Techniques to keep up your sleeve for getting around challenges - just like a guitarist with a plan for dealing with a broken string halfway into a set!

I walk into every session with a trusty collection of brightly coloured pens to play with, so by the end of the two hours clients often walk away with PAGES covered in doodles and notes, a belly full of excitement and inspiration, and they're just SO pumped to get started that I often wake up the next morning to an email or a message letting me know how much action they've already taken!

"Okay, but what happens after our call? Am I just left to my own devices? What happens if I lose inspiration and my focus lapses once I cop a few slaps to the face from Old Mate Reality?"

Awesome question! I know that this is a super common occurrence. You attend a conference, an event, or have a coaching session, and because it's SUCH a safe and supportive environment, you walk out feeling freakin' INVINCIBLE.

But then after a couple of days, you start to slip back into your regular old routine of life and the reality of your world as it currently is. It's easy to get sucked into feelings akin to an Almighty Hangover of Doom. You get frustrated with yourself and the world because things just aren't as incredible as you had planned. Maybe your plans aren't looking so clear now that you're looking at them under the harsh light of Other People's Opinions, or you're just hitting dead-end, after dead-end, and before you know it, that crappy ex's voice is prattling away in your head again.

I've totally been here, and I understand how easy it can be to get pulled into this kind of negative vortex of self destruction.

This is why I'm so passionate about ensuring that you're well equipped with a trusty set of Rad Bitch Tools and Techniques for dealing with challenges and overcoming set backs - whatever shape or form they come in.

I also totally get that sometimes plans just need tweaking and adjusting once they're put into practice. That's why after our session, you'll receive ongoing support via email and the opportunity to check in with me for Four Weeks after our call. 

This is a great because it means that we can celebrate things together when things are falling into place, the space to continue to hash out your ideas and adjust any plans that just aren't working. This ongoing support is a really important element of what makes the Jam Session so special - and so full of impact. 

"So what kind of financial investment am I looking at for A Rad Bitch Jam Session?"

A Rad Bitch Jam Session in a $249 investment with way more benefits than that killer pair of boots and the sneaky minidress you just added to your online shopping cart over lunch.

What's included:

  • A 2 Hour Rad Bitch Jam Session One on One Coaching Intensive.


  • A Rad Bitch Action Plan and your very own specialised set of Rad Bitch Tools and Techniques for dealing with challenges. 


  • Four Weeks of ongoing email support and encouragement.


  • The satisfaction of making shit happen in a way that not only feels great, but is totally well thought out and sustainable.

Online or In Person

I happen to LOVE the experience of working one on one with clients in person and jamming ideas out over coffee and a delicious lunch together, so if you're able to make it to Melbourne I'm more than happy to arrange a date to meet up and work together.

That said, I totally understand that a fly-in-fly-out trip to Melbourne isn't an option for everyone - in which case we have the power of the internet - WOOHOO! I hold all of my online coaching sessions using the zoom.us platform, which works pretty much like Skype but I find that it tend to be a little more stable.

Stevie Schafer

“Kym Seletto is AMAZING. She brings her years of experience to the table - the highs and the lows - and guides you through a custom session with a focus on caring for yourself.

Since working with Kym I’ve made more progress toward my goal than I would have otherwise. I have some more tools up my sleeve for when I get stuck, and I feel more empowered about my work.”

Jenny Krohn

"Kym is an insightful and brilliant person to discuss life and business goals with, and how best to go about achieving them!

I would recommend her Jam Sessions to anyone who is at a turning point in their lives and trying to make a big decision about where to go next, but isn’t sure where the first few steps are."