Boss Babes of the Week.

Each week I'll be celebrating the achievements and WOO-HOO's of Girl Gang Members by acknowledging and sharing their work here on this page, as well as featuring them in my weekly emails.

A Boss Babe hasn't necessarily worked with me personally, but she's a member of our Rad Bitch community, and someone who is taking big, brave steps towards creating her dreams.

Amy Rushbrook

This week, I've changed things up a bit, and conducted our featured Boss Babe interview via Facebook Messenger. So while we don't have a video, we DID have heaps of fun!

Amy and I first met in high school and totally lost touch for YEARS, before reconnecting as pretty much everyone does, via Facebook a few years ago. As we've gotten to know one another over the years, I've gotten to see Amy move back to Melbourne, develop her love for photography, and become a Mama. She is absolutely somebody I've been inspired by as I've created the life I now live, and I love that I can call her a friend.

We had so much fun chatting back and forth via text, and I know that you're all going to love her too!

Boss Babe Amy R.png


Tell me a little about what you do, and what has brought you to this point?

I am a lifestyle photographer, working primarily with families. My brand is all about "Life: Unmade" which incorporates sessions, little films and workshops. It celebrates messy, real, authentic and imperfect - there’s no room for cheesy smiles at my sessions! I also do weddings and I work with entrepreneurs and businesses (headshot sessions in the Life: Unmade style and branding films). 

What brought me to this point? 

Sheer determination to never work in a corporate office environment again! I love working for myself, deciding my own hours, structuring my day around my son, who is the centre of my universe, and being able to balance my relationship, being a mum and doing what I love.

It’s taken me a long time to realise that embracing my story and owning my shit is a powerful tool to creating honest and authentic photographs that are fulfilling and profitable. 

Letting go of the need to be perfect changed my life.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the people I meet and the way they let me peek into some of the best moments of their lives. The way I work is to jump straight in with an open heart, vulnerability, showing up as ME and sharing who I am with them. They, in-turn, do the same and that’s where the magic happens. It creates a platform for genuine moments and real connections, which is what my style is all about. I always feel privileged to be allowed to photograph those moments.

What have some of the challenges been, and how have you overcome them?

When my son was six months old I separated from his Dad, and I was faced with the challenge of building a business on my own that was not only fulfilling, but also supported my son and I with a roof over our heads and food on our plates.

This comes back to determination and probably some stubbornness, too. I didn’t give myself any other option but making it work. If I’m honest, it’s a constant challenge. I have to keep up with emails, stay on top of marketing, orders, editing, meetings, shoots, product development and bookwork to keep this business afloat. Being a photographer and a business owner means being across all aspects of business and managing it all, as well as finding balance and time for being a Mum, having a relationship and taking time for myself.

Can I ask you to talk about what brought you to photography?

Oh of course!! So my photography journey started about 4 years ago.

I had always had an interest in it - I would often lurk in the dark room at school developing photos, but it wasn't until I set myself a 365 challenge that I really started to realise how much I loved photography. I set myself a goal - complete The 365 (iPhone) Project and I could then buy a DSLR camera. I completed it, bought the camera and from that point it became my lifeblood. 

About a year later I started doing paid client work and the rest is history. I love looking back on how much I have grown, technically, professionally and personally since I started that project.

I love the way that you introduce so much of yourself through your branding as well - the way you describe yourself as a morning person, and a coffee addict like me! What are some of the other things you love?


All the coffee. 

Beards - Specifically the one on my Boyfriend's face. 

First and last light of the day.

Living in the mountains. 

I love the quiet and the peace.

The Saturday paper, and the quiz. 

Leunig cartoons (I even have a sneaky Leunig tattoo) 

Being able to wear what I want, and not having to hide my piercings/tattoos - 

best part of being my own boss! 

My family and friends 

Watching my baby develop into a feisty, headstrong, independent human


Bill Murray is my spirit animal.

You're totally an avid Pearl Jam fan, too!

Yes! Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam lover since the age of 13 - DIEHARD

My celebrity crush is Sia - I love everything she is about

I also love designing - I've created and built my entire brand/website and will, occasionally, for the right person, outsource.

What are you working towards at the moment?

I am currently in the bigs of developing a Life: Unmade Workshop to teach other photographers about what I do, and about embracing and owning your story and using that as a tool to create meaningful work. I love working and sharing with photographers and fellow Creatives and really feel like this is the natural next step in my career. 

What does Self Care look like for you? Do you have any regular rituals or practices?

Being a single parent can be pretty tough at times, but it does come with perks. I get two nights/days a week when my son is with his Dad that I can take my Mum and business owner hats off and just be “Amy”. I am so lucky to be in a relationship with the warmest, gentlest, most gorgeous bearded man and the time I get with him to just be me is invaluable. I’ve never felt more “me” in my life than I do when I am with him. The time we have together is just so EASY. It is time to relax, breathe and love. It really does feel like the pressures of life are stripped away. It rejuvenates and restores me so that when I jump back in, my cup is overflowing. Building a life with him in that space provides the most beautiful balance, and that is the best kind of self-care. 

What does being a Rad Bitch mean to you?

It means embracing your story, owning your shit and using that to create a fulfilling life and career. 

What is your favourite thing about being in The Rad Bitch Girl Gang?

Being surrounded with like-minded women who live and breathe the same values and who work from their hearts is like hitting the networking jackpot. 

It’s inspiring to see women taking charge of their lives and sharing their gifts with the world. 

Where and how can we learn more about you and what you do?

You can follow me on Instagram which is a good mix of personal and business.

My Business Page on Facebook.

And my brand new Website

Or you can drop me a line at

Loureen Kelly

This week's featured Boss Babe, is Amateur Power-Lifter, Mum, and self-described Mermaid, Loureen Kelly.

I first met Loureen through one of the most amazing Facebook Groups I've ever joined outside of The Rad Bitch Girl Gang, and I've been ridiculously excited to interview her for this series.

Tune in as Loureen and I chat about everything from mental health, to why being a Queen of T.M.I. isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Denise Da Costa

Denise Da Costa is a success coach and goal achievement strategist on a mission to stop the shiny object syndrome.

She got tired of seeing amazing women solopreneurs being stuck jumping from one idea to another but never moving forward, becoming the best-kept secret in their industry. 

Denise uses all her skills and talents to help visionary women Solopreneurs build their passion-based business with clarity and action.

You can learn more about Denise at her Website, find her on Facebook, or Instagram.

 If you'd love to get to know how she works you can join her Facebook Group: The Make It Happen Mastermind

Alice Skye

Alice Skye is an Aboriginal Australian singer/songwriter originally from Horsham, Victoria and now based in Melbourne. In her hometown she started piano lessons at the age of 5, and her love for music grew from there. With influences such as Missy Higgins, Regina Spektor and Joan Armatrading, the pairing of vocals and piano has become her inspiration and focus.

Other influences growing up included Laura Marling, Feist and Ben Folds. Being the youngest of two much older sisters, Alice developed a huge love for singers and songwriters of the 90s, in particular The Cranberries, The Breeders and No Doubt. Along with her passion for music, Alice is a Wildlife and Conservation Biology student at La Trobe University. She's aiming to combine her love for both animals and music whilst living in Melbourne.

Since the begining of 2015 Alice has had two tracks playing on the Triple J Unearthed platform, one of which has been chosen to featured on Triple J's 'Far out' segment. She was one of 8 winners of the Alukura Songwriting Competition, chosen to record at the CAAMA Music studios in Alice Springs, while being mentored by the Stiff Gins. Alice's single 'You Are the Mountains' will be released on the Alukura compilation album by CAAMA Music within the next year. During that time Alice Skye hopes to be performing more around Melbourne and eventually release an EP.

You can find Alice, and her beautiful music on Facebook, and on SoundCloud

Elle Roberts

I first met Elle online, roughly this time last year after purchasing my ticket to attend The Artful Business Conference and joining her online community. Elle and I quickly became friends, and we've been collaborating on various projects pretty much ever since!

I've chosen to feature Elle this week, because she's someone who is truly multi-PASSIONATE. She is creative, fun and determined as all hell to create something amazing, not only for herself and her family - but for the world she lives in.

Elle describes herself as a multi-passionate creative, business coach, dreamer, writer, speaker. She is a mum, and a crafty woman who thrives best in a tropical environment.

I'm absolutely thrilled that Elle was able to take some time out over the weekend for a special video interview!

To learn more about Elle, you can check out her website

To learn more about The Artful Business Conference, go HERE and remember, if you purchase your ticket through my affiliate link, you're eligible for a BONUS 45 Minute One on One Coaching Session with me after the event!

Did I mention that I'm also speaking at this years conference? I'm super excited and nervous all at once - but if you're coming along - please be sure to come and say hello!

Jessi Stevenson

I've known Jessi for a number of years now, and I have to say that having her in the Girl Gang is so incredibly inspiring! It's been so freaking awesome to see the commitment that she has made to rediscovering herself. Jessi has been making HUGE leaps forward by putting herself out there - both online with her blog, and in the real world by joining networking groups.

Jessi is a wife, and very proud mum to Axton - her gorgeous ball of energy and action, with another little one due to arrive in August.

I took the opportunity to ask her a few quick questions about what's happening in her life at the moment.

What you're working towards at the moment, and the steps you've taken so far?

I'm working towards making my blog more than a hobby. I want it to become a viable career option for me.

What have some of the challenges been, and how have you overcome them?

Some of the challenges I've had have mostly been of my own doing. Very fear based. I was afraid of sharing my writing with people I know for fear of being judged as stupid or being terrible. But I took the mantra that Shia Labouf has recently been sharing; "Just do it, nothing is impossible..."
Also maintaining consistency is something I've struggled with, and I am teaching myself to be more disciplined and stick to goals that I am setting myself (not a fan of the term deadlines so that's why I use goals.)

What does being a Rad Bitch mean to you?

Being a rad bitch means to be someone who believes in themselves and is proud of what they are achieving. They are learning that they don't need anyones approval but their own and just owning who they are regardless.

What do you feel is the best part of being in the Girl Gang?

The best part about being in The Girl Gang is that I can share with a bunch of people I don't really know and have positive feedback and constructive criticsm to help me grow and be more confident. The supportive nature of the group has really helped bring out my own confidence in regards to my blog and that makes me forever grateful