Rad Bitch Round Up: Queens Birthday Long Weekend Edition

Photo by piranka/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by piranka/iStock / Getty Images


Lindy West's piece on the whole Roseanne cluster-fuck. Sidenote: Lindy's book 'Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman' is also excellent.

This post about the queerness of Disney's Mulan.

This cute Twitter thread by a new Cat Dad.

With single use plastic consumer items facing the firing line of environmentalists and governments alike - whether it be plastic grocery bags, or drinking straws, it's important that we consider a group of people who often rely upon these items as essentials in their everyday lives. 

Plastic drinking straws are not simply frivolous 'nice to have' items for many disabled people. 

For a great entry point into these discussions and activism led by disabled people, check out this article by Imani over on Crutches & Spice.

I'm pretty excited to be heading along to see Carly Findlay speak on a panel on Mainstreaming Disability and Appearance Diversity On-Screen at ACMI tomorrow night - if you're coming along and you see me there, please say hello! 

If you're not in Melbourne, or won't be able to make it along, you should definitely check out this article* by Nazan Osman, on why 'Disabled Characters Must No Longer Be Villains'. 

*It's worth highlighting that Wonder has also received criticism for hiring an able-bodied actor to portray Auggie, who "cripped up" for the role.


This super adorable couple and their surprise mutual proposal. I couldn't stop watching the video, and honestly it got cuter with every watch. It's okay if you're crying. I definitely did.

With Queer Eye season 2 being just around the corner, and the news that the Fab 5 visited the Australian town of Yass, where the Mayor dubbed them all Honorary Yass Queens, I've been re-watching the first season on Netflix, because it's nice to see something so joyful and pure.


The NGV International's 'Winter Masterpieces' exhibition MoMA at NGV opened over the weekend. Wanting to avoid the crowds, Jordan and I took Friday afternoon off and went along to a Members Preview Session, and it was so wonderful to have heaps of time and space to explore and view the works on display.

It was really great to see so many mid-century paintings on display in one place. We definitely spent a lot of our time in the gallery exclaiming, "Oh look! Another painting by an aggressive, misogynistic man who drank too much!", but as the exhibition moves through in chronological order and covers 130 years, that was to be expected. 


One of the best parts of the exhibition, was actually the NGV for Kids installation, 'New York! New York!' which featured this 'City Lights' interactive piece.


Previously featured Rad Bitch Boss Babe, Loureen Kelly was featured on the ABC recently, and then went on to achieve a new Personal Best at the Global Powerlifting Committee's National Titles a couple of days later!!  

Local live music venue, The Corner Hotel cancelling Riff-Raff's upcoming gig (and the entire tour subsequently being cancelled) in response to rape allegations, and replacing the gig with "a panel discussion about the state of sexual harassment and assault across industries, and the way responses to this are changing".

Victoria being a step closer to reaching a Treaty with Aboriginal people. (Australia is the only country in the Commonwealth that has not signed a treaty with Indigenous populations.)

New South Wales voting in favour of Safe Access Zones around clinics and hospitals that provide abortion services - Now for decriminalisation!


Look, it's been a hella tough week to be on the internet and I want to address that in a separate post.

In the meantime I want to share some super cute shit with you, and send you all my love, and hope that you're doing okay out there.




Artist Credit:  Ruby Etc.  Check out her work, and support her on Patreon.

Artist Credit: Ruby Etc. Check out her work, and support her on Patreon.

I'm not going to sign off with empty platitudes to reach out because I know how tough that can be when you're struggling, but I want you to know that whatever you can do to help you get through today is valid and worthwhile.

As someone who works to create joy for the people around me - especially when I'm not doing so great, I want you to know that:

It's okay to survive vicariously through someone else's joy if you're not able to thrive on your own right now.

Please be safe, and know that you deserve to be here.

You are loved, and worth loving.