Rad Bitch Round Up

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This piece from The New Republic about where healing crystals come from.

About the impact of The Myth of the Male Genius over on Bitch Media.

Normalising Appearance Diversity and Body Positivity in fashion - given that it's still Vascular Birthmark Awareness Month, and how much I would have LOVED to have seen someone who looks like me represented in the media when I was a kid, and how much this campaign seems to have meant to the people featured in it, I'm very happy to see this now.

Remember when the Victorian Government made a massive effort to clean up all of the graffiti before the Commonwealth Games, but then Banksy visited and the stencil artists went into overdrive, dubbing his time here the Melbourne Stencil Games, and then that Banksy piece opposite the Flinders Lane Police Station became a thing to be protected? And then years later someone "destroyed" the piece by cleaning it up, and there was a whole lot of uproar?

Or when Connex who used to operate our Metro Train Services painted over all of the walls around Richmond Station?

And now Ian Strange's work sits in the NGV International in the Contemporary Art gallery, and our street art covered laneways are a major tourist attraction.

Melbourne, you've changed and I'm glad that artists are no longer being harassed by the police, but are actually getting paid for their work.


There are downsides to the gentrification and commodification of Street Art.

Homeless people no longer feel safe in places like Hosier Lane due to the overwhelming number of visitors (which has led to a number of artists boycotting painting there anymore), and what has always been an inherently political form of expression is becoming more sanitised and palatable.

Nayuka Gorrie's piece, Aboriginal Families: Beyond flesh and blood in Archer Magazine

"Against this vitriolic backdrop, my partner and I have decided to start a family of our own. A few generations ago, white people might have had the legislation to determine what my family looked like, but I refuse to let them tell me what my family should look like now.

I’m starting to think about how to go about this, and what kind of parents and family we want to be. I think we will make excellent parents. Witt is the most caring and thoughtful partner, and I imagine that tenderness will also extend to our children.

Even though they don’t exist yet, I already consider them lucky. Those children won’t just have us, though – they will have my big, complicated black family, and our queer family as well.

They will know love and support, and they will never go hungry. But they will probably scream that we don’t understand them when they are 15, just like I did. If anything happens to me and Witt, I know they will be okay because they will have so many people there to look after them."

Girl Fed Up With Goth Guys Telling Her to Frown All the Time

"Known optimist and all-around “jovial soul” Sarah Burke was harassed again by the city’s goth population yesterday, with followers of the bleak subculture telling her to frown more often, sources close to the rare glimmer of sunshine in an otherwise dark world confirmed."


Maxine Beneba-Clarke's article on SBS on Why we are failing as feminists if we don't put carers first.

Ireland voting to repeal the 8th Amendment, and seeing all of the people who traveled #HomeToVote <3 


The Feminist Writers Festival livestream and recorded panel sessions - so many great speakers this year!!

Check out the discussion between Tara Moss, Jessamy Gleeson, and Tasneem Chopra on writing about Violence against Women, and creating change.

This herd of elephants and their pet dogs are just so pure.




To everything through wireless noise isolating headphones, all the time and forever.

On the tram.

In the office.

At home while vacuuming the floors.

Being able to clearly hear my favourite podcasts while I move about the Kitteh Palace without having to carry my phone around in my pocket, and being able to blast Against Me! on loop forever without pissing off the neighbours (or Jordan), is the best.

They're also great for listening to white noise, or ambient music to block out street noise and mitigate the near constant ringing in my ears (because tinnitus is genuinely crazy making).


I love sweet treats, and when it comes to sweet treats as far as I'm concerned, nothing really beats chocolate. I was recently introduced to Hey Tiger a Melbourne-Based ethical chocolate brand, who are possibly even more in love with sweet chocolatey treats than I am!

My favourite block for a sunny afternoon on the balcony with a book and a glass of white wine is the Rosé and Wild Strawberry flavoured white chocolate block, Pink Power, and for snuggling up by the heater in a fluffy warm blanket, I can't go passed The Hustle - packing Milk Chocolate, Coffee and Almond Butter deliciousness.


I recently started working in an office two days a week, and I honestly completely love it. (When I say recently, I mean in January.) My boss has been pretty clear that she's cool with whatever I wear to work, so long as I'm both comfortable and I get my work done.

Often that means me showing up in leggings and a cosy sweater, however I feel as though I show up better when I put a little more thought into my outfits. So when Jordan and I went shopping last week for new Winter clothes, he asked me how I wanted to feel in the clothes I wanted for work.

After some careful consideration, I told him that my overall aesthetic goal was "Princess Unikitty doing business, but make it Goth and refine it". Having not seen the Lego Movie, Jordan had no idea what the shit I was talking about, but quickly warmed to me bouncing around exclaiming, "BUSINESS! BUSINESS! BUSINESS!"

With that in mind, we headed out to find some adorable  as heck, but practical ballet flats and a new coat.

I also added this cute Marquita Norwood tee, dedicated to some of my favourite things to my wardrobe, and keep this Killstar blanket in the office to throw over my lap on the chilly early mornings.

Winter, come at me.


Because I'm a giant child, I decided to play Home Town Tourist yesterday and took myself on an Adventure to the Wonderland exhibition at ACMI. This was the second time I had been to see this exhibition, although it was my first time going by myself without any kids. I spent so much time looking at all of the pieces on display, did every one of the interactive activities, and had the best time. 


As well as Late Night events on Fridays, ACMI are also running Low Sensory Exhibition Visits for autistic people and others with sensory sensitivities, and a Descriptive Tour specifically for visitors who are blind or have low vision. 


I picked up some of the fancy T2 Mad Berry Choc tea on my way out of the exhibition.


Between major exhibitions is actually my favourite time to visit the National Gallery of Victoria. The crowds are smaller, and it's much easier to get up close to the artwork. It's also when the curators pull some of the most interesting works out of storage, and re-arrange the galleries.

The NGV International are clearly getting ready for this years Melbourne Winter Masterpieces show MoMA x NGV, but if you have the time to visit before the major exhibit opens in a couple of weeks, do it! 

While the Guerrilla Girls exhibition is small, it's still exciting to see a major gallery space celebrating the contribution these artists have made to contemporary art by challenging and criticising the dominance of rich white men, both on the boards and on the walls of gallery spaces.