My Weekend: A Shortlist

Photo by petrunjela/iStock / Getty Images


I've had Torrie M. Pattillo's epic Medium post on my reading list ever since she published it, and after witnessing the Urban Priestesses shit storm unfold in real time, I finally made the time to sit myself down and read it from start to finish.

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This open essay to Marianne Williamson by Alexis P. Morgan

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Layla Saad speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

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My copy of Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia arrived in the mail yesterday, and I've been sitting with it all weekend.

I'm exceptionally proud to see the stories of Rad Bitch Boss Babe Alice Skye and her sister Susie - both of whom are good friends of mine, included along with those of former Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, Miranda Tapsell, Celeste Liddell and many others.


Also, Alice has recently released her first album recorded at CAAMA studios in Alice Springs, and it is wonderful.


So we finally got around to watching Thor Ragnarok on DVD, and I've been watching Coco over and over again, because I love it so much.


Crystal Hodge's post over on The Mighty about Plastic Surgery Game Apps designed for kids.

My initial response:

"As someone who actually liked my facial difference, and developed self esteem issues partially as a result of surgeries performed before I was old enough to make my own informed choices, I have many thoughts.
If your kid is interested in becoming a surgeon, that's great and should definitely be encouraged, but yeah the framing and wording of the copy for this game - along with the imagery is really really awful."

I actually started doing a little more research on this because I wanted to have a more solid understanding of what these games were like, and how they're being marketed before I included Crystal's post on in this list.

Honestly, looking at the company's website, and watching the video embedded below broke my heart. 

For self-care reasons, I had to step back and stop watching, so if you're likely to be similarly affected, please know you're limits.

Take care of yourself if you choose to watch the video - or avoid it entirely.