On Why Finding Your Girl Gang is An Act of Self Care

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As I've been creating more Boss Babe interviews, one of my most favourite questions has been to ask each guest, "What do you love most about being in The Rad Bitch Girl Gang?"

I love asking this question so much because the answers are always different, but they still reflect the intention I held in creating the space in the first place. Last week I had a conversation with one of the Boss Babes whose interview will be released very soon, about how valuable it is to create friendships with women who have common goals or interests - rather than just the friendships we form at school or work because of convenience and circumstance. This isn't to say that those school friendships don't hold value too, but there's something really powerful about connecting with women who are carving a path in life similar to yours - or with similar goals in mind.

This in many ways, is why business masterminding is so effective - and it can have just as much impact on a personal level.

I'm constantly encouraging people to find and connect with their own Girl Gang, because doing so has literally changed my life - I might even say that it saved my life!

Finding your people has never been easier than it is right now. If you log into Facebook and type in just about any kind of interest into the search bar - from animal rescue; to What Fat Vegans Eat (which is an amazing group, too btw!); to business development; to clothing brands, and I guarantee you'll find a group related to your interest! 

It doesn't matter how introverted or shy you are these days, you can start to connect with the world and form real friendships without even having to leave your home.

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I first discovered the value of Facebook groups after things truly went to shit with my ex. I'd recently taken on the volunteer role of Foster Care Co-Ordinator for the animal rescue group I adopted Lucy the Hell Kitty through, and my social anxiety was at its worst. I was barely leaving my apartment for anyone or anything beyond work, yet I made some amazing friendships, and was still able to contribute to something outside of myself during that time.

I'm not going to lie, I've found some of my closest friends as a direct result of being involved in Facebook groups dedicated to things I care about - Animal Rescue, Feminism, Personal Development, Heart-Centred Business Ownership, Coaching, even a clothing brand I've bought from over the years - and many of the women who I first met through those groups are part of The Rad Bitch Girl Gang, which is AWESOME.

While it's really exciting to focus on the fun parts of being in a Girl Gang, I think that it's almost AS important - if not MORE SO to remember that having a Girl Gang can be a life line when times get tough.

Your Girl Gang are the people you turn to when you're facing challenges - or when things totally turn to shit.

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They're your shoulder to cry on.

They're your voice of reason when you can't think clearly. 

They're the people you call in the middle of the night when you've been ditched in the city and can't get home. 

They're there to hear your thoughts, not because they have to, because they want to. 

They wholeheartedly care about you, and your opinion.

They support you without judgement, but they're also there to respectfully disagree with you and challenge you to be bigger and better. 

Your Girl Gang are full of wisdom and experience. 

They've got your back, and they're the people you can rely on in an emergency.  

I've seen women in Facebook groups drive across the city in the middle of the night to help someone they've never met before to escape an abusive partner.

They'll be there through the good, the bad, the ugly tears, the hysterical laughter, and everything in between.

They're the people you don't need to apologise to when you turn to them for help, or ramble off topic, because they're just glad that you feel safe enough to share with them. 

So I totally encourage you to reach out to your Girl Gang - whether big or small - and be grateful to have those connections. They don't happen by accident, and they may just save your life one day!