On The Artful Business Conference 2015

What an incredible two days it's been at The Artful Business Conference!

I'm beyond grateful to Elle and her team for inviting me to speak, and for all of the incredible work and love that they pour into creating this event each year. Despite all of the tech dramas which plagued the Virtual Element of this years event, the team pulled off an INCREDIBLE conference - and perhaps BECAUSE of the additional dramas, Elle's keynote speech on FEAR, which closed out Day One brought almost everyone to tears.

I have been singing praises for this event since I attended last year, and I was saying to Stevie in the car on our way home last night, that I wholeheartedly believe that this years conference outshone 2014.

There has been a much richer sense of community and connection around this years event - and that goes deeper than the simple fact that many of the people there were return attendees.

While last year it was incredible to hear from "Big Name" speakers like Denise Duffield-Thomas, Lisa Messenger, and Valerie Khoo - there was something genuinely empowering about hearing from women like Tash CorbinSylvia Chierchia, Sonia LyneKaren Gunton, Nicki McKay, Lynda Rennick, and of course Elle.

I think the reason for that is the genuine connection that has been built up in the lead up to the Conference within Facebook Groups and across Social Media. This year - I think possibly because many of us who spoke had been attendees in earlier years, it didn't feel as if there was quite as big a distance between speakers and attendees.

Everyone was there to learn, share, connect, receive and to grow.

I'm definitely in recovery mode today after two HUGE days, I'm dealing with what feels like Post-Conference Come Down. I'm currently all rugged up in warm clothes with The Kittehs cuddling me so I can recharge in time to head out for a #LadyPosse catch up with Tash Corbin and some of the incredible Melbourne based members of her Facebook Group.

I'm looking forward to sharing a more thorough write up about the event - and my experiences of speaking and leading a workshop at a conference for the first time, but for now I just wanted to share some of the photos I caught, as well as the beautiful people I got to catch up with and meet for the first time!

Thank you so much to everyone who has made Artful 2015 so awesome! Thank you for the hugs, the high fives, the inspiration and encouragement, the thoughts, tears and the belly laughs. I appreciate everything we shared and learned together over the last two days.

I'm beyond thrilled to have met so many wonderful people, and hearing that my speech and my workshop had such a strong positive impact has just made me so fucking happy!

I'm so excited for next years event - which for those who didn't attend this year, will be in May 2016, and I cannot recommend jumping in and coming along highly enough!

Thank you, from my very full heart to all of you who made my Artful experience so amazing.