On Stuff I'm Loving Right Now

If you're a subscribed to my 'Doses of Real Talk', or a member of The Rad Bitch Girl Gang, you'll have seen that it's been a really hectic month for us here at The Kitteh Palace.

We've had weekends away visiting family, attending events, dealing Mercury Retrograde bringing people out of the woodworks, thinking about the copy and course material I need to write for my upcoming Mastermind Group, planning for my 30th Birthday Party (EEP! SUCH EXCITE!!), and a solid 13 days straight at my Nannying job. I try not to glorify BUSYNESS anymore - in fact, I try to commit to as little as possible these days, however I DO think that it's important to share the level of commitment, effort, and love it takes to create two businesses, in a way that is as honestly as possible.

There are definitely days when I find myself thinking, "Surely it would be easier to go find a normal fucking job, right?" And honestly, it probably would be - but I definitely wouldn't love it. The truth is, that I've worked a bunch of different "normal" jobs over the years, and I've been great at them, but I LOVE getting to create my work-life around my actual life, in a way that supports me. While times definitely get hectic, and I spent way more waking hours with children than I did with The Kittehs, or creating content last week, it turned out to be an amazing week.

So the first thing I'm loving right now, is that I have successfully created a Nannying business which constantly challenges me in many different ways, while having the time and space to study and start building my coaching business alongside it.

After YEARS of settling for dinner sets from Target and mis-matched mugs from $2 Shops or Coles, I'm totally loving my growing collection of fancy teacups and coffee mugs! I picked up a pair of beautifully delicate Cristina Re teacups yesterday, and a pair of Robert Gordon mugs while we were away the other week.

I also had THIS amazing jumper from Lonely Kids Club arrive the other day!! It's SO toasty and warm, perfect for throwing on during the winter months. 

Speaking of the winter months, and keeping toasty and warm, I've recently decided that I'm all about UNIQLO's "Inner Wear Heat Tech" range. I'm loving being able to feel cosy without having to deal with the excess bulk of wearing too many layers of heavy knits all at once.

I finally got around to picking out a new Shower Cap, and a matching set of Cosmetics Bags, and of course I picked up a few sneaky little pieces for the re-recordings of The Rad Bitch Pyjama Party videos (which I'm turning into an e-Course - HOORAY!!).

Photo Credit to Liz @  L12 Photography

Photo Credit to Liz @ L12 Photography

I am also ABSOLUTELY loving the shit out of this sneaky photo of me and Jordan being totally gross at our friends Hayley and The Bob's wedding back in April. We seem to have a knack for getting busted by photographers.

Otherwise, there are a lot of things I'm excited about getting stuck into over the coming weeks, including reading Gala Darling's new book, Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream which arrived on my doorstep this morning, as well as making the most of Veronica Varlow's course The Underground. Oh, and you know, I guess turning 30 this week is a thing, which to be totally honest, I'm REALLY EXCITED about!!

Until next time, stay awesome!