On Why I Called My Brand 'Rad Bitch'

Ever wondered what inspired me to call my brand and my website 'Rad Bitch'?

I think it's pretty safe to say that I've been a feminist since before I really understood what the word 'feminism' meant.

Growing up and looking different than anyone else I'd ever met gave me a unique perspective on the world and the ways in which girls and women are socialised and expected to behave. I was incredibly fortunate that my parents raised both my sister and I in an environment where we were both beautiful, we were both intelligent and funny and creative and active kids.

We both spent a whole lot of time outdoors, we both had toy motorbikes, and cars, and dolls, and make up sets and played hairdressers.

We both learned how to surf and sew and bake and paint and build things out of timber and to perform a basic service on our first cars.

I was talking with my mum about how they raised us last week, and she still doesn't think that they did anything particularly radical - or that they cushioned the way they spoke about what it meant to be a girl or to be beautiful, nor were they any more conscious of what they exposed me to had I not had strawberry marks.

My mum doesn't consider herself to be particularly political, and I doubt she identifies as a feminist.

She is however someone who owns her voice, and is not a pushover by any stretch of the imagination. One of my proudest daughter moments was watching her stand up to some random middle aged white dude in a car park who'd decided it was appropriate to call her and my aunty, "typical, old and fat" - because they dared to sit in our family car and occupy space or something.

I often think of my relationship with my mum as being similar to the relationship between Marge and Lisa Simpson. While Marge doesn't always agree with all of Lisa's ideals or her activism as a young woman finding her voice, she supports her wholeheartedly. Marge is always encouraging her to not only own her rage and frustration, but to channel it into something meaningful.

So what does this have to do with Rad Bitch?

I've always been a deep thinker. I read a lot, and being Gen Y I question the world around me and how I engage with it. I'm outspoken as hell, and I've always chosen to hang with those who live on the fringe: Goths, Punks, Artists, Activists, Gays, Lesbians and Trans-People.

When I was younger and still anxious about where I fit into the world as I knew it, and was concerned about being accepted, it was always easier to just own whatever people thought about me and get really loud and obnoxious about it.

Now it's not about being obnoxious, but it is about owning my voice and my space.

If you've spent any amount of time on my Facebook page, or reading my blog, you'll know that my feminism informs almost everything I do.

Rad Bitch isn't about being a humourless harpy, nor is it about hating anyone.

Rad Bitch is about supporting women to empower themselves, to own their voices, stand up for themselves and express their views with confidence.

Rad Bitch is inspired by the incredible, radical women who have, and do stand up together to carve out space for us to speak up and shine in our own ways.

Rad Bitch is inspired by the women who refuse to be silenced by fear.

Rad Bitch is about the women who speak up for what they believe in regardless of how far on the outside it could place them.

Rad Bitch is about doing and saying what's right, not just what's going to be liked.

Rad Bitch is at it's heart, inspired by feminists - be they the outspoken radical thinkers and activists; or the quiet and subtly subversive.

Rad Bitch is about setting healthy boundaries and sticking by them.

Rad Bitch is about courageous personal growth, community, and creating a life that is genuinely fulfilling. These are things I continue working towards every day.