On Things to Do When You're Feeling Just A Little Bit Shit

So on the back of the icky and stressful feeling week, I decided to share some of the things I like to do to boost my mood and make myself feel like a bit more of a Rad Bitch. Some of these are big things, and some of them are quick and easy wins, because let's face it, when we're feeling a just a little bit shitty is not always the time when we're at our most patient - well I'm certainly not anyway!

Get Plenty of Good Quality Sleep

Okay, so I've been struggling with this one a bit lately to be totally honest, but I've been trying to keep with a consistent routine. I take a bath or shower, get into my pretty pyjamas and make myself a nice warm drink to take to bed with me. Lucy the Hell Kitty has bed time totally sussed, and waits for me to settle in under the covers so that she can plonk herself on my lap while I read a little and sip on my sleepy time tea. I've also been trialling this new thing of playing "calming" white noise tracks through the night to cancel out the street noises.

Get Up, Shower and Get Dressed

I know it can be really tempting on weekends, sick days - or everyday if you work from home like me, to just stay in your pyjamas and work from bed all day. There are definitely days when I DO work from bed, but I have a strict rule that I have to at least get up, shower, make the bed and put on fresh pyjamas if I'm going to have a bed day. The is nothing quite as demotivating as cocooning yourself in a bundle of your own sweaty bed sheets!

I find that showering is a really great way to rinse away the stinky, sleepy sweat, as well as a negative funk. I've also had some of my most creative ideas come to me while blow drying my hair - go figure!

Go For A Walk

This one's included on just about every "Make Yourself Feel Better" List in existence - and with good reason. It gets you outside, into the fresh air and out of your own head.

Catch Up With Your Mum

I know that this isn't possible for everyone to do in real time, but the idea of catching up with your mum (or a chosen mother-figure) for a cuppa - either in person, over Skype, or in spirit, can be an incredibly grounding experience. 

Cuddle An Animal

Seriously, cuddling up with The Kittehs, or razzing up my parents dog is always guaranteed to bring a giant, goofy grin to my face.

Make Your Bed

If you're feeling up to it, go the whole hog. Change the sheets, air out your quilt, fluff up those pillows. Once I turned 30 I made a decision to only buy beautiful quality linen, and I stick with neutral colours to keep our room looking tied together. You can probably imagine the fur situation in our home due to the fact that we are a 3 Cat Household, so regular laundering is important for us. Aside from that - it's just super nice to climb into fresh sheets at the end of the day.

Paint Your Fingernails

Intensely bright pink tends to be my go-to colour!

Eat Delicious and Nutritious Food

Seriously, we only get one body in this lifetime. Treat it well and enjoy the privilege of getting to call it home.

Jam It Out to Your Favourite Power Anthem

My go-to Power Anthem of choice changes depending on which of my favourite bands has released an album recently. I've shared before that 'This Is Letting Go' by Rise Against became my personal mantra a few years ago.

Peaches albums will always be on high rotation.

My newest favourite Power Anthem is 'Throne' by Bring Me The Horizon.

Basically anything I can shout or scream or sing along to in my car and feel good about the world afterwards, has the makings of a Rad Bitch Power Anthem.


However works best for you. Put on some chilled out music, light a candle and tune into your breath. Honestly though, don't get too caught up on the music or the candle. If the only time you have to yourself is while driving home from work use the time stopped at red lights to focus on your breathing. I you're a Public Transport kinda gal, pop your head phones on and bliss out during your commute.


Heart to Heart bear style. For at least 20 seconds.


If your head feels like it's full of fog, get that shit out by getting it down on paper.

Read A Book

Fiction or Non-Fiction.

Trashy Novel or Autobiography.

Comedy or Historical Text.

Graphic Novel or Self Help.

It doesn't matter, go with whatever takes your fancy right now.

Also, if you're the kind of person who finds reading overwhelming when you're in an iffy headspace, or you feel as if you can't commit to sitting down and turning the actual pages, then definitely look into audio books.

I've definitely increased the number of books I've read over the last year thanks to putting on an audio book while I'm doing housework.

Settle In With A Nice Cup of Coffee and A Couple of Squares of Dark Chocolate

Look, I know. Caffeine and Sugar are totally on everyones shit lists these days, but I do not care. These are two of the things that I genuinely enjoy. I'm not suggesting that you drown yourself in endless pots of strong black coffee and wolf down an entire family block of Cadbury's (unless you plan on never sleeping again), but I'm also of the opinion that a shitty day is not the time to start placing restrictions on yourself.

Pop On Some Make Up and Dress Up Just Because

This follows in a similar vein as getting up, showering and getting dressed. Slip into your favourite outfit, starting from your lingerie and work your way out for nobody else's pleasure but your own.

Rearrange Your Space

This one's a high energy task, but it can totally transform the way you think about life. Last weekend I rearranged our lounge room/office space, and it has drastically improved the way I feel about working.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You don't have to go all out here to start with, but do try to get some water in - especially if you drink coffee or anything with caffeine, you should try to offset each cup with a glass of water.


Loosen up those muscles and joints with a good stretch to get the oxygen flowing around your body.

Commit to getting at least one constructive thing done

Maybe that's just making the bed, and that's okay. Maybe it's sending out the minimum number of emails that you absolutely MUST DO at work, and that's okay.

For me yesterday, it was showing up for a client. And do you know what? Showing up for that session, being totally present for somebody else, and supporting them to identify the next few steps on their path REALLY boosted my mood. 

That success was all the motivation I needed to write up a blog post, and then know that I could nail the online workshop I had scheduled for later in the night.

Phone A Friend

'Nuff said, right?

Listen to A Podcast

Lately I've been listening to HEAPS of Call Your Girlfriend. It's honestly one of my new favourites - AND it's great for when your actual girlfriends are busy.

Light Some Incense or An Oil Burner

Again, we have three indoor cats, so burning essential oils (and adding them to the mop bucket) is a really great way to freshen up our space, but they're also super powerful for boosting moods and energy levels.

Meet Up With Someone You Truly Respect

I actually did this the other day, and got to catch up with previously featured Boss Babe, Amy Rushbrook from Lark + Bear Photography. Amy and I have known one another since High School, but we essentially grew up in different states then reconnected a couple of years back through Facebook.

Plan Something Fun For The Future

Maybe it's something wildly huge like an intercontinental adventure, or your dream house. Or maybe it's a fun dinner party with your friends.

Watch Silly You-Tube Videos

Lately we've been marathoning Todd In The Shadows Pop Song Reviews and One Hit Wonderland series. These videos have brought some next level laugh out loud giggles. The One Hit Wonderland review of Crazy Town's 'Butterfly' brought back so many teenage memories, oh for the adolescent love of Nu-Metal dudes with terrible tattoos. Seriously though, go back and allow the years of dudes with frosted blonde tips to completely blow your mind.

Plan A Donna Fort Documentary Date With One of Your Favourite People

My buddy Stabs and I recently built a fort in my lounge room, cuddled up and watched the Katy Perry documentary 'Part of Me', for no other reason except that we could. 

Write A List of Everything You Need To Get Done Without Setting Deadlines

Just get it out of your head yo! Free that thinking space up for happy thoughts, rather than stress.

Do Something Genuinely Kind for Somebody Else Without Expecting Anything In Return

Well considered altruism or even random acts of generosity can be a really quick an simple way to connect with the people you share the world with, and bring a little smile to each of your faces. 

Take A Nap

Sometimes the best thing to do, it just surrender. Take a quick nap, and come back to your work feeling recharged.

Do Something Creative

Write. Paint. Sing. Cook. Dance. Crochet. Colouring. Whatever.

Buy Some Flowers

Never fails to brighten up a room!

Speak With A Counsellor or A Coach

Reach out to somebody for some additional support, and inspirational butt-kicking. 

Write A Love Letter

To a friend, your lover, or to yourself!

Write down all of the beautiful things about them that you notice and appreciate.

Puddle Jump

Yep, I'm serious. Embrace your inner five year old and splash about in a puddle. This is almost guaranteed to make you laugh.

Plan A Private Picnic Under A Tree

Take your lunch and a book and go outside for a picnic in a park.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

I do this one at home all the freakin' time - mainly because nobody is watching, and I dance around to No Doubt or Millencolin like a total idiot and I almost instantly feel better.

Go For A Drive

This is one of my most tried and true techniques, and has been ever since I first got my license at 18. I grew up surrounded by bushland and roads that wound their way up mountains, so I would jump in the car, roll the windows down, crank up the tunes and just drive for as long as I felt I needed to.

Try Something New

Again, this doesn't have to be big. It can be as simple as stopping at a new cafe, or cooking a new recipe for dinner.

Lock Yourself In The Bathroom, Jump In The Tub and Cry It All Out

Or if you just can't seem to shake the shit, surrender. Create a safe little haven, and just let the tears fall for as long as they come.