On Those Days When You Feel Like You’ve Had Too Much People.

That's enough people for today.  Image Source:  Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams

That's enough people for today.

Image Source: Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams

As someone who’s quite sensitive to the world around me, it doesn’t take much for me to feel particularly overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the thought of working; having to see or speak to anyone; the thought of doing the dishes and putting the laundry away, or even the idea of making and eating lunch – EVERYTHING FEELS OVERWHELMING.

I find that really simple things can often throw me way off kilter.  A rough nights’ sleep and for some reason, the wind seems to really screw with me.

I also find that lots of time spent with other people is extremely draining – especially if I’m dealing with large groups of people. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the time I spend with those people, or that I want to avoid seeing them, it just means that I have to be conscious of not burning myself out.

This last weekend had been particularly busy, and by the time I sat myself down to work this morning, I felt completely and utterly rat shit. My eyes felt heavy and hot, and I couldn’t shake my Tired Angry Face (which is next level Resting Bitch Face), and neither my phone or my computer seemed to feel like cooperating with our wi-fi which was just adding to my frustrations.

I’m of the opinion that “Go Hard Or Go Home” can be a really damaging and destructive mindset to approach any form of creative or service focused work with, so I resolved that I was not just going to force my way through. Instead of trying to persist, I sat back and pulled out a pen and notebook. First of all, I started jotting down how I was feeling without attachment or judgement before I started to ask myself what was really going on.

I’d just come home from catching up with two of my Best Girls for breakfast. Usually that’s one of my most favourite Self Care Practices, so why was I feeling so depleted?

I went over the events of the last few days in my head. 

  • Friday I spent with Jordan before sitting up late chatting on the phone with one of my Besties.
  • Saturday night our next-door neighbour threw a party in our courtyard, so we headed down to hang out with her and her friends and I may have had a few too many glasses of wine.
  • On Sunday I caught up with the family I Nannied for to celebrate at the Twins 10th Birthday Party. It was the first time I’d seen them since I finished up working with them two weeks earlier. It was really great to hang out and catch up and feel like we’re family, rather than people I work for.
  • Sunday night Jordan’s parents took us out for dinner. There was this crazy loud Big Band playing when we arrived at the pub, to the point that we all had to write notes to one another in order to communicate.

No wonder I was feeling so surly. I’d had three late nights with crappy sleep in a row, and clearly I’ve had too much people!

So how the hell do you recharge when you’ve got shit to do, but don’t want to force things or ignore how you’re actually feeling?

First of all, I blasted a few Bring Me The Horizon songs to give the frustration an outlet before switching to a meditation album and stepping the fuck away from my desk.

I lit a couple of bright pink candles, burned some sage and spread my Roundie beach towel out in the centre of the lounge room floor, which Honey B immediately hopped on to (because clearly everything I put on the floor is for the cats).  Our lounge room gets heaps of natural light through the North facing windows, and we have a beautiful Art Deco plaster ceiling rose. I planted myself smack bang under its central intersection, sat Honey B in my lap, surrounded myself with my crystals and tuned out for a good half hour.

I honestly hadn’t meditated for a really long time, so I’d forgotten how powerful it can be to help recalibrate – especially after a big few days.

Next, I pulled out my Oracle Cards, gave them a good shuffle and spread them out. I nearly laughed reading them, as they were essentially a swift kick up the arse to clear space, commit to self-care and to stop holding myself back by screwing around when I already have literally everything I have asked for and need in order to be successful.


Now as I’ve said before, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether you believe in anything particularly woo-woo, or if you think that crystals and Oracle Cards are a total load of shit – and these practices might seem totally boring and unfulfilling for you. The point is to find something that allows you to refocus on what needs to be done with a new perspective.

Maybe for you that’s going for a run, dancing around the house, jumping in the shower and rinsing away the funk you’re in.

Other things that I definitely recommend include shutting down your browser windows – especially Facebook, and switching your phone to flight mode so that you really can have some peace and space to yourself without interruption or intrusion.

By simply taking a 45 Minute break to clear my shit, I was able to get back on with the work that needed to be done – and I felt good about doing it!

Now I feel like I should blast Gwen Stefani's 'What You Waiting For?'

I’d love to hear from you, how do you shift out of a funk and recharge when you’re feeling overwhelmed? What practices help you to refocus and look at the world from a fresh perspective?