On Massive Shifts in Reality


This week has felt really overwhelming and emotionally stressful. In order to help me unwind a little, Jordan took me out on a Total Work and Study Free Surprise Date Day yesterday! We visited our Old 'Hood for brunch at Le Petit Prince - Coffee and Hot Cakes, Yes please! We then hopped back in the car and headed into The Royal Exhibition Building for The Dog Lovers Show, where I got to cuddle lots of dogs of all shapes, breeds, and sizes!


After we felt out-pupped, we decided to head across to the Melbourne Museum because Jordan had never been before. I think our favourite exhibit was The Forest Gallery, and we spent quite a while exploring the little oasis. It was so quiet and peaceful in there, that it was easy to forget that we were literally on the doorstep of the CBD!

I was totally freaked out by the room filled with taxidermy animals, and Jordan found the exhibit of deep sea creatures really unsettling. It was really fun to take a whole day off from feeling like an adult, and instead just run around doing the kind of stuff that would make my 'Inner Five Year Old' happy.


I've been making a point of reflecting and taking note of the big - okay, massive shifts which have occurred in my life over the past year. Spending today getting stuck into finally unpacking the last of the boxes from when we moved into The Kitteh Palace, clearing out stuff we no longer need, and rearranging some of our furniture, really helped to anchor these reflections.


About twelve months ago, I agreed to tag along with my friend Emma to Barre Body classes, and ordered Sophia Amoruso's book ‪#‎GIRLBOSS‬. I had absolutely NO idea just how much my life was about to change, but these two events opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. One month, a leaking shower, and a problematic neighbour later, and we made the snap decision to move house. Within a week, I was telling the guys from Man With A Van which rooms to put our stuff in, and "Kym's Rules for How to be Happy" was born.


Over the past year, I've been pushed, pulled and tested in so many different directions. I've felt stretched, stressed and overwhelmed at times, but I've definitely learned, and grown through the challenges.

Obviously when I enrolled in my Master Wellness Coaching course, I planned on some form of success - although I think that I believed it would be some quiet form of unassuming success which would see me quietly go about my days without much changing.

I honestly couldn't have imagined that the stories I write would resonate with so many people - and I had no idea that people would actually want to hear me speak, let alone take my opinions seriously. I certainly didn't imagine that I'd be hosting live streamed video events on YouTube every week, or co-hosting a podcast, or having been interviewed a bunch of times.


And yet, all of these things - and more - HAVE happened. To top it all off, earlier this week I received an email with the contract for my first ever, paid speaking engagement!


All I can really say, is that I'm beyond amazed at the incredible people, opportunities, experiences, and things I have the privilege of knowing. I'm so appreciative of everyone who's been a part of the adventure so far - even if you were a total pain in my arse at the time, you've helped me to create a much bigger life than I had ever dreamed possible.