A Rad Bitch Online Pyjama Party

IMG_3658 On Monday night, I hosted my first ever live online event, A Rad Bitch Pyjama Party through Google Hang Outs, via You Tube - WOOHOO!

We had some technical dramas - being my first ever attempt at using Hang Outs, and I had to switch to a new Live Event venue. It was essentially the online equivalent of locking yourself out of your house when there's an amazing party going on inside, and the music is pumping way too high to get anyone to let you back in!

All that aside - it was super encouraging to have a bunch of Girl Gang members jump venues, and stick with me while I got things up and moving again!

For those of you who weren't able to attend live, the event was recorded and you can check it out below!

I shared tips on gaining clarity on your goals and dreams, building the confidence to go after them, and maintaining motivation to stick with it when things get challenging. I also talked about the benefits I've experienced as a result of working with a coach, and enrolling in further study.


Again, Thank you so very much to everyone who was so enthusiastic and supportive, both in the lead up to the event - and DURING the broadcast! Especially big thanks and hugs go out to Jessi who wrote THIS review of the evening as well as her experience working with me One-on-One. I really appreciate all of the encouragement, and I hope that you found the call useful!


Now that I've got the whole Google Hang Out thing down pat, I've decided to make hosting A Rad Bitch Pyjama Party, a regular weekly thing! So if there's anything you'd like to see me discuss, I'd love to hear from you!

In order to ensure that the Live Hang Outs remain safe spaces for all involved - and to keep things a little more streamlined, I've set up a special Rad Bitch Guest List. Those who register for this list will receive an email on Fridays with a link to the coming Monday's event, as well as details on that weeks topic. You'll also receive a recording of the Hang Out delivered directly to your inbox afterwards.

You can sign up for the Guest List HERE