Ready to ditch self-doubt, create genuine confidence in yourself, and get shit done like a true Rad Bitch? 

Rad Bitches are confident in themselves, believe that they are capable, and know where they’re heading.

Rad Bitches understand the importance of Real Self Care, create practices that genuinely feel good, and stick with them.

Rad Bitches set healthy boundaries, live with purpose, and achieve more than they had ever dreamed possible.

Rad Bitches know that even if they take a wrong turn along the way, that they’ll always be supported.

Rad Bitches are ready to let go of self-doubt, fear of other people’s opinions, and the bullshit stories running through their heads.

Rad Bitches are tired of feeling like they don’t deserve, aren’t good enough, or qualified to achieve great things.

I’m Kym and I work with awesome creative women just like you who want to

  • Feel empowered to smash through fear and procrastination.
  • Know that they are capable and worthy of positive change.
  • Create the kind of life for themselves that they’ve been dreaming of. 

As someone who lives with both depression and anxiety, I know how valuable it is to have someone on your side and is totally invested in supporting you to succeed. 

I work with Rad Bitches to

  • Create Real Self Care practices that are unique, individual and fun.
  • Overcome the self-doubt that’s been holding them back.
  • Own their voice, speak their minds and know that they’ll be heard.
  • Design a meaningful, actionable and realistic plan of attack.
  • Achieve the things that they KNOW deep down that they really are capable of.

I believe that we are all worthy of feeling loved and safe and beautiful exactly as we are.

When we empower ourselves to get shit done, and build the confidence to own our voices we can brighten up the whole damn world.

After my last relationship finally ended, I rebuilt my entire life from what felt like scratch. I learned how to turn my lack of self-worth around and created a life I genuinely enjoyed living.

As a result, I became the Go-To Girl amongst my circle of friends when they felt as if they needed similar support or a loving kick up the arse to get them moving in the right direction. I essentially fell into Life Coaching, as it’s something I naturally found myself doing. 

Since enrolling in Coach School, developing and honing my skills, I’ve worked with Rad Bitches around the country to create Real Self Care practices that truly suit them, overcome their fears, and develop the confidence to get shit done.

Over the last year, one of my clients has found the confidence to create a blog, start her own business sewing unique clothing and custom design cos-play costumes, and move into a new home that totally suits her growing family.

Working with me is like sitting down over coffee with the best friend you’ve been dying to catch up with, and creating plans so exciting that you can’t wait to get started.

When you work with me you get access to all of the knowledge, skills and understanding I’ve gained through years of studying and working in roles directly supporting people to live their best lives. As we work together I’ll encourage you to think outside the square, get in touch with what you REALLY want, and to ditch the guilt over pursuing what feels good for you. 

By the time our work together is done you will have created Real Self Care practices you’ll actually stick to, feel confident in saying no to shit that doesn’t light you up, and have the confidence to take on the goddamn world.

Ready to live like a Rad Bitch and create the life you’ve been dreaming of? Get in touch and let’s make a date to catch up over a coffee.

Kym Seletto lives with her boyfriend and their three adopted cats Felix the Guard Tiger; Lucy the Hell Kitty; and The Sassy Ms. Honey B, in an original Art Deco Period apartment known as ‘The Kitteh Palace’, in Melbourne, Australia.

As a muti-passionate creative, Kym has amassed (and thankfully discarded!) many an employee name tag, from her experience within the Hospitality, Community Services, Horticulture and Retail industries. In what feels like another lifetime, she studied Fashion Design, began studying to become a Primary School Teacher, and became a qualified Integration Aide, before being accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Art course.

She speaks openly and honestly about her experiences of having had a Strawberry Mark which during her infancy, covered most of her face, having cosmetic surgery as a child, as well as the on-going challenges of living with depression and anxiety.

In 2015, Kym completed studying towards a Certificate of Master Wellness Coaching through the International College of Wellness Coaches with Sarah Liddle.

She has taken up the opportunity to speak alongside industry leaders at events including The Artful Business Conference.

Kym is the author of a sassy little eBook called, ‘A Rad Bitch’s How to Guide to Life: From Post Break-Up Survival Mode, to Rocking at Life’, an endearingly awkward You Tube Video Creator, and blogger on topics ranging from Self Development to Birthmarks to Feminism and Popular Culture.

She is a typical Gemini, and as much as she loves being the centre of attention, she has finally embraced her introvert needs for quiet and down time.

She has recently wound up her first business, The Nanny Named Kym to focus on full time coaching.